Tandem Internship Programme

Spanish & Work Experience

This programme is designed to combine Spanish language learning with practical work experience through an internship in a company or institution in San Sebastián. We provide work placements according to the trainees' CVs, their previous professional experience, their interests and their language skills.


Starting dates 2024: students with previous knowledge of Spanish can start any Monday of the year

4 weeks Spanish Intensive Course plus 8 weeks Work experience, placement, monitoring 1295 €
  • Administration fee for all courses: 60 €
  • All lessons are 45 minutes

Get work experience while learning Spanish

This is an opportunity not only to improve your language skills, but also to gain professional experience in today’s international workplace.

On the first day of the course there is an orientation meeting followed by an interview with our coordiantor to discuss placement objectives, experience and possibilities. In the last week of the language course, final details are given and participants are introduced to their host company.


Monitoring and Follow Up:

We organise follow up meetings with our participants so they can share work experiences, aks questions and offer their own insights about all aspects related to the programme. The host company tutor and the participant fill in initial and final evalutation questionnaires, analysing all aspects of the internships.


Which kind of placements we can offer?
We can place students in a variety of fields: Import & Export, Tourism, Hotels, Education, Engineering, Environment Science, Cooking, Marketing, Publicity Agencies, Art Restauration, Galeries, Graphic design, Crafts, Theatre Productions, Video Productions, Social Work and NGOs.


To register for the programme:

Please contact us by email for detailled information about the enrolment. Students shoud send a Curriculum Vitae including all relevant educational and work experience, along with a letter stating their placement objectives.

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