All sanitary and distance measures required by the authorities have been strictly implemented in order to guarantee our students and staff safety. On this page you can find a summary of the protection and prevention measures:


At Tandem:


• When entering TANDEM, the soles of the shoes must be disinfected. For this purpose, there is a mat with disinfecting liquid and another for subsequent drying.


• Both in the classroom and in the common areas of the school the use of a mask will be mandatory and we recommend frequent hand washing with soap and water.


• We make hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available to workers and students in classrooms, entrance and bathrooms.


• To guarantee the social distance chairs and tables will be distributed according to the maximum capacity allowed. A place is assigned to each student. The furniture distributed is not allowed to change places.


• Class material: each one works with individual material (books, photocopies). The teaching material cannot be shared or exchanged.


• At the end of classes, the surfaces of tables, chairs, knobs, handles, classroom switches will be disinfected.




At the accommodation:


• Taking your shoes off in the house


• Deposit your keys and purse or backpack in an isolated area at the entrance. In addition, it disinfects everything you have used (glasses, credit card, etc.)


• Wash your hands immediately after entering the house. Also do it before and after meals and going to the bathroom.


• Open windows three times a day for 15 minutes to ventilate and reduce the concentration of viruses, bacteria, and contaminants. In the bedrooms leave the bed uncovered and airs the duvets or blankets.


• Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. This includes tables, door handles, light switches, counters, railings, desks, telephones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, and dishwashers.


• Put the clothes in a laundry bag and wash it with hot water.

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